MCC Baseball Section History - The Book

If you are interested in the MCC Baseball Section club history and want to read more, we are releasing a book this season that covers the last 134+ years. The cover artwork concept of the MCC Baseball Section History Book is on the right, 150 pages of history of the MCC's involvement in Baseball, including hundreds of images, stories, facts & figures.  It wIll be available from the clubrooms and the online shop.

We are in the process of requesting pre-orders to determine our first print run volume - please go to the link and pre-order here:


The section history publication builds on the original Manuscript created by Tom Trumble and Arch Cavanagh for the "Century of MCC Baseball" for the Club Centenary in 1988. It includes a foreword by Ross Arthur, Dedications by Tom Trumble 

Alf Batchelder covered in detail the early years of the Baseball Section in his MCC library Publication "Pavilions in the Park" and the background to the Spalding tour of 1888.

The book also covers the background of the Kangaroo Tour in 1897 to the US, was it really the "Disaster" it was made out to be?

It includes information on the formation of the original Victorian Baseball League, was it going to be a summer or winter league? The split between the Baseball Union and the Baseball league. The clubs amazing 7 year premiership run, and many other terrific stories of heroes past and present.

Peter Unwin has updated information on the years since the centenary. The last decade has been summarised from annual reports and stories from current committee members.

The book also has many images that are not on the club room walls.


A sample view of the first 10 pages of the book is available here:


Cover Artwork