Can you help your team?

The Junior Section of Melbourne Baseball Club is run entirely by volunteers. Like most sporting clubs, we really appreciate if parents can volunteer some time and help during the season. The coaches especially appreciate help and it doesn't matter whether you know anything about baseball or not, there is always some way you can help.

So, how can you help? Here are some suggestions:

Assistant Coach:
Have you played baseball before and know the rules pretty well? Why not help out the coach at games as a base coach?

Team Manager:
Every team needs a parent to 'manage' the team. This means organising rosters of duties, sending out information and reminder emails, making sure there will be enough players for the team each week, and informing players and parents about special events the club is running. No baseball knowledge required!

For every game each team must have a scorer. It is a great way to learn the game and watch your child play at the same time, and is a big help for the coach and the club. You don't need to have any experience, and the club can help you get started if you have never done it before and you would like to have a go at learning how to score.

Other Tasks:
Each home game the ground needs to be set up/packed up. Usually the team manager will work out a roster for this, but the more hands the merrier. We need to mark out the diamond, set up back stop nets, get benches for the teams, put out cones to mark the ground boundaries and more. Some games there may also be a need to have someone look after the canteen for a portion of the game.

Training Help:
Coaches always appreciate parents who can help out at training. It can be simple things like helping to toss balls for batting practice, making sure players are safe fielding balls in the outfield or even just helping younger players to listen to the coach and follow instructions. If you can help at training there is always something to do.

Take some pictures:
If you have some spare time at a game, take a few pictures and send them here. We always like to receive pictures of Melbourne players enjoying their baseball.

Record some stats:
If your child is involved in the Junior Development Program (JDP) or if you just want to learn more about how he/she and the team are playing, you can record their game stats using apps on your mobile phone or tablet. Two apps to look at are GameChanger and iScore. If your child really wants to take their baseball to the next level, this can be a great way to help them find areas to improve. If you want more information talk to Guy Flaherty about this and the JDP.

Junior Contacts

Junior Chairman:
Craig Mitchell

Junior Secretary:
Caralyn Pahos
Ph: 0439 111 973