Mathew Kent to step down as Head Coach

The Melbourne Baseball Club wishes to thank Mathew Kent for his enormous contribution over the past 7 seasons. Mathew informed the club prior to our recent finals campaign that due to personal time pressures, he is unable to commit to coaching next season. We expect him to continue as a player at this stage.


Matt took over as club coach for the 2010-2011 season, during which he led the team to a Division 2 championship and brought the Melbourne Baseball club back into Division 1. In 2011-2012 the club achieved success in its first season back in Division 1, reaching the semi-finals against Essendon and announcing itself as a powerhouse of Victorian Baseball.


Since his inaugural season, Mathew has led the Demons to the finals 6 out of 7 seasons. He has achieved 2 Club Championships: A Division 2 Club Championship in 2010/11 and a Division 1 Club Championship in 2015/16, the club’s first since 1971. This season, he led us to the Victorian Baseball Championship series bringing us within a timely hit of a Division 1 flag.


Matt has also achieved great personal success as a player during this time, winning the Melbourne Baseball Club 1’s MVP in 2012/13 and 2014/15 and league batting titles in the same years, also clinching the league Home Run award in 12/13. Remarkable achievements for any player, but many times more impressive considering his energy and time was largely absorbed by coaching trainings, making in-game strategic decisions and balancing the many personalities and needs of the club.


Perhaps more importantly, Matt has help shape the culture of the Melbourne Baseball Club. He has instigated and maintained the highest set of behavioral standards for players and supporters, enhancing our reputation amongst the wider baseball community. He’s encouraged a culture of postgame involvement for players and supporters that has shaped our club.


Mathew treats players, supporters and officials, throughout the league with a high degree of respect, and very deservedly receives it in return. We are truly grateful for your wonderful service to this club. Thank you!


Decisions regarding Mathews replacement will be made in coming weeks.