Senior match reports - Round 14

Division 1

The firsts backed up their midweek win over second placed Blackburn 6-3 with an all the way demolition of Newport Sunday, 16-0 in 7.

Despite losing the first game back after xmas to Blackburn 9-2, they have now returned to a 2.5 game break on top of the East Conference ladder with just 8 games to go.


Division 1 Reserves

The seconds won comfortably 13-1 and have snuck into third position on the ladder with just 4 games to go and are looking good to challenge all with some pitching and hitting depth to be added.

Division 1 Thirds

A strong hitting performance blowing the game open with 4 runs in the first and were not troubled going away 13-0 in the end, Hicky and Prom doing the job on the mound, with Roy and Telf crushing the ball, Bear getting a triple. The win puts the team in second position with 4 games to go and a game an a half break to third position. 

Division 1 Fourths

A solid game from the fourths, having to start the game with 8 players due to availabilities, but a workmanlike performance with few blemishes resulted in a comfortable 10-3 victory.  Potts had his first start in a while and kept it tight despite having only 2 outfielders Hudson and Ethan who were running everything down, it wasn't until Willo came to CF that the hits started dropping in!

The win puts the team half a game out of the four and a good chance of taking place in finals.

Masters 38+

Lovely night for a hit out versus Waverley's best...and it was a close game! A well earned six week rest ensured our arms were fine, however the beach cricket swings were in full effect as we were pretty terrible with the bat and a couple of errors showed the rust had crept in.

Lard was coming off a very successful game in the Melbourne two's a few weeks ago where he won the game for them with the bat and ball but still didn't get asked back the next week (what is going on at the selection table Mat and Rook)??? He wasn't quite at his best tonight, but he still managed to spin his way through four innings on the mound, only conceding one run as the hack from Watsonia at centre field ran over a ball (sorry Lard, Merle marked it down as an earnt run ;-)

We struggled to score however Mike Hill the young bull from the Glen Iris Fat Bastards continued his stellar year with the bat and smacked his fourth triple for the year and was pushed through by Lardio for our first run in the fourth. With Bryce away and The Chairman otherwise committed with rep team coaching, Jason 'The Bulge' Bulger stepped up and threw four innings and whilst giving up nine hits, his field looked after him and he only gave up one unearnt run because the rope that Mike threw from centre field must have landed badly on a spot in Andy's glove perched in front of his chest at the home plate and the ball popped out...

Going into the eight innings at one all the mid season break was over and we decided to play. Val led off with a single then Bulge got walked, Murray chipped a cheeky single over second base and Michael hit a grounder to third but Val was safe at home after travelling 89 feet and nine inches (but the catcher dropped the ball...'safe' was the call and we all moved on pretty quick). Lard then smashed a double to bring in two and was then moved over by Waz before Mitch tapped him in for an RBI. Bulge got us out of the last for a 6-2 win and the chicken and salad washed down by a few Coronas were a treat. Was great to have a quiet one with Shane's Over 45 team who beat Waverley on the front diamond to keep their finals hopes alive.

Next week replay v Waverley for the third time this season 6.30pm at Myrtle Park and we should have key men Bryce Gammon, Dave Keyhoe and Jason Webster back on board.