Senior match reports - Round 11

Division 1

The Demons were wickedly good at home on Sunday. They banged out 14 hits, including four doubles, in the dominant 13-2 win. 

Matthew Kent starred going 4-for-4 with two runs, a double and an RBI. Adam Burton had three hits (two of them doubles) and knocked in three and Rhys De Highden also plated multiple runs. 

Across the field, the Dragons couldn’t get going at the plate. They only mustered six hits, two from the always reliable Ben Utting. He also gets credit for the only two runs batted in for his side. 

Now 12-2-1 on the season, Melbourne hosts Newport next Sunday in the last round of games before Christmas. Doncaster (3-11-1) returns home to play Preston.

Masters 38+

Fresh off out 7-2 win over Upwey last week we returned to Kings Park and dealt out more of the same. Unfortunately for Upwey we continued to hit Adam Hill - last week he gave up 7 hits and four walks over three, this week it was 11 hits, two walks and two HPB's over four!

We hit well again, scoring 4,4,3 and 5 in the first four innings. Everyone got at least one hit, with two hits to Warren and Jason Webster (who should be sore after catching his first game for 20 years), and three hits to Lard, Valentin, Murray and Craig Mitch. Lardio was once again on song pitching through three innings before Murray gave up an earned run in the fourth, then Bryce came in and was lights out over two (one unearned run). Interestingly Upwey pulled out the radar gun to see how slow reliever Greg Rice was throwing - he was averaging 39-40 MPH whereas our Bryce was 78-80 (and no, he can't play in the threes Pottsy)! 

Couple of weeks off before the run to the finals. No names, but a couple of guys may be investing in new gloves over Christmas, though one has informed me his son Blake may lend him one without holes in it (gee that ball did spin a lot in the air didn't it)!