Gold Sponsor - C-Net

C-Net (Pty Ltd) specialises in providing SAP based Occupational Health & Safetymanagement solutions.

C-Net has been providing SAP solutions since 1995. In 2000 C-Net was awarded SAP Complimentary Software Partner Status and the Intellectual Property to SAP's Occupational Health & Safety component. C-Net's charter was to develop and support localised functionality and legislative compliance as SAP's endorsed solution.

C-Net develops and delivers SafetySuite Software, services and support for great number of businesses in Australia from all industry sectors.

Through its understanding of OH&S and in partnership with business C-Net strives to further enhance the rich functionality that SafetySuite delivers and provide powerful practical solutions to manage OH&S.

The Melbourne Baseball Club thanks C-Net for its support and invites all to visit its website to learn more.