Training start date 2020

We have been given some tentative information from BV about the start of the season. This is still subject to confirmation.

We will be able to return to training from November 2nd 2020, subject to final BV and council approvals.  The Season looks like starting weekend of the 28th of November and concluding about the same time as normal.

There is a restriction for those who reside more than 25kms from the club (for now) so please let us know if that is you. We will make arrangements for you to train at an alternate site. 

Our training will be modified where we will be able to have groups of 20 people (including players and coaches) and we can have two groups on a single diamond, separated by 20meters.  All training for seniors is non contact – where physically distancing must be maintained, juniors are able to conduct full training.  Access to the canteens/Bars will be via the council approvals,

Registration. Every single player, coach, volunteer or any committee member that attends the club needs to be registered. You can register by the following link. Please: No registration then no traniing. Its free and take 5 minutes See link below. Each time you train or visit the club you will need to register for contact tracing. We will have QR code system in place so you can scan using your phone and thats it.

Clubs fees will be reduced in line with a reduced season. We are working through this and we will confirm cost as soon as we get a start date. We will have payment options for the club portion of the fees. this will help people who need more flexible payment plans. The BV portion will still need to be paid in full.


Please get in touch with your mates and round them up, keep linked to your socials for more details as they become available.



Click HERE to register.

Click HERE to view our frequently asked questions, which are regularly updated.


 More details will be cnfirmed this week


Thanks for your patience and we look forward to seeing you at the club.