A message from the MBBC Committee

Dear MCC Baseball family member.

We are feverishly planning for the 20/21 Baseball Season. With winter ball being disrupted, we are planning for a full season this summer unless otherwise informed. The great news is that we are still in Division 1 and lots of work is being done to ensure we have a better on field outcomes in 20/21. The corner stone of facility improvement program, the new batting cage, is done and will be prominent in all our training activities. We expect an early start to training subject to the release of the summer schedule.

We are in the process of planning for the AGM which we have set for 30th of June. It will run as a zoom online meeting and we will inform people of the link as we get closer. All Junior and Senior club members are encouraged to join the AGM.
With online meetings we will seek a process to vote in a secure and organised manner so we can comply with our constitution and ensure we continue with good governance. We will be requesting people to respond to an invitation so only club stakeholders will have access to the meeting. Pre-Interest can be sent to my email below.

We are seeking people to join the committee with specific roles in mind. We are looking for people to support us as:

· Junior Coordinator and Registrar – Supporting the Junior Committee to deliver and enjoyable experience for our younger members and family

· Social Coordinators – Develop and run social functions to ensure that the “whole of family” enjoyment factor at the club is achieved.

· Media and Communications Coordinator – Manage our Social media content and communication to all stakeholders at the club.

· General Committee – Support in the operational aspects of the club, governance of the club, creating direction and policy for our on and off field operations.

Each of these jobs should be able to be managed with about 1 to 1.5 hours work per week. Obviously during the season, it may be a bit more and certainly during the down season it will be much less.

If anyone would like to step up and support your club and support our goals to be an enjoyable social and sporting experience please send me an email at secty.melbbc@gmail.com. Remember we can only provide a exceptional product with the support of our community, members, supporters and our families.


Steve Pahos
Club Secretary