Finals conditions and updates

Dear Club Presidents and Secretaries,


Here is an update for going into the weekend:


Match Balls

  • BV will provide match balls for Div 1 and Div 2 Finals
  • BV will provide match balls for Div 3 Grand Final
  • All home team clubs are REQUIRED to contact their opposition club and coordinate 2 balls by each club of the same brand.


Medal Ceremony

  • BV is attempting to have either a staff member of Board member at all grand finals (a few games may not be possible). But with that said, this is what is expected:
    • After the game, home team (hosting venue) are to provide a table on the pitch with the awards laid out.
    • Both teams are to be there for the ceremony.
    • Home team club president or secretary (or another member nominated by them) to open the ceremony by thanking both clubs, all players and supporters. At this time, both club coaches are asked to say something to their teams and opposition on a hard worked season.
    • If a BV Board/staff member there , please invite them up for the medal presentation. Introduce them, and ask winning team coach to call all players to receive their medals where the staff member will present the medal. If no staff member present, the coach and hosting club president or secretary may present the medals.