Senior match reports - Round 6

A successful round of games yesterday against Division 1 West leaders Sunshine. Melbournes 1sts finished winning 2-0 on the back of a dominant display by Andy Mann. The 2nds won also won 10-2 out at Sunshine. Back at Surrey Park the 3rds included a 20 run 3rd inning to win 24-2. The 4ths lost 9-6 despite a late revival. The 5ths travelled back to Monash Uni for the 2nd successive week and won 10-9 after scoring an amazing 10 runs in the last.


The 2-0 win in the firsts was backed by a 2 hit gem from Andy Mann, one of the best outings by a pitcher ever at the club. Noel Smith threw a 2 hit complete game in 1971, in the Division 1 grand final no less, and the only known no-hitter for Melbourne was thrown by Bill Mackay in 1929 - but certainly this ranks up there in one of the best ever.


His stat line from the game bears how he dominated in the game:

9.0 IP, 99 pitches, 75 strikes, 28 batters faced, 2 hits, 0 walks, 0 HPB, 9 strikeouts.

He also had  rare day batting for himself in the game, and scored a hit!