Senior match reports - Round 2

Another good win on Sunday against local rivals Blackburn in Division 1. Melbourne coach Andy Tierney will have bragging rights over twin brother David for the time being anyway. Our 1sts scored 7 runs on 8 hits, all with 2 out in the 2nd, against Blackburns 5 runs on 10 hits. Highlights included Andy Manns pitching and a diving backhand play down the 3rd baseline by Oliver McMahon. Andy was supported well by relievers Liam Davine and Matt Blackmore and catcher Rhys DeHighden. Scott Moore, Tim Sullivan and Nathan Aron had a couple of hits each. Oliver and Rhys DeHighden had 1 hit each.

Our 2nds also got up 4-1 over Blackburn, the highlights being Adam Pahos on the mound and recruit Grant Svikulis towering home run into the wind over left field.

The 3rds went down 7-10 after holding a good lead 6-1 at the halfway point with Tim Roos starting well on the mound. However one poor innings was the difference, despite gathering 7 hits to Blackburn's 5, Blackburn scored 9 runs in the 4th innings. Offensive highlights included Cooper Gerwing with a couple of extra base hits and 4 RBI's, Paul Howard with 2 hits, singles to Satoshi Sawayama, Shaun Hilliard, & Aaron Hoskin, RBI's to Trent Ryan and Jacob Rizio.

The 4ths won at Billabong Park, defeating last years premiers, Jeffrey Yu throwing plenty of strikes and Patty Cotter getting the save in a close affair. An 8 run 3rd inning was the difference for Melbourne, evergreen Hsien Tran picking up 3 hits, Coach Gerwing with 3, young guns Kurtis Smith and Nick Cleland a couple of hits each.

The 5ths had a loss to St Kilda 6-14 in their first outing for the year, but will get players back this week to improve the depth of the team.

The Women's teams went down in both the firsts and seconds at Footscray in their opening round.


Andrew leading his troops

Andy Mann on the mound

Adam Pahos keeps it tight

Grant hits a bomb into the breeze


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